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Originally posted by pautami at Fanfiction and Graphics Auction - Sign Up Post
help_pilipinas community has been created to help all those affected by the Typhoon Sendong which devastated parts of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City in the southern Philippines on December 16th, 2011.

As fanfiction writers and readers, and graphic artists, we can help make a real difference to the people still suffering in these areas. A post about the devastation can be found here. All donations will be made to the Iligan Bloggers’ Society. Visit their site here for more information

We will be holding an auction on this community from January 1st to January 16th for fanfiction and graphics.

Right now we are looking for writers and artists who are willing to donate words or artwork—all JE fandoms are welcome! If you can help, please let us know the following in your comment:

Fic or art?
Length or type of graphic
Any restrictions? (i.e. ratings, etc.)

Further details on the auction will be coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who is able to help. Any donation that you can make will bring much needed aid to this devastated community. Thank you!
Note: Please disable comment when reposting so that all comments will be directed back to the community. Thank you.

May 22, 2011

ok haha I decided that from now on I'll use Lj as my diary :D yoroshiku onegaishimasu

wah! few more days and it'll be the end of our summer vacation already... 
gotta download all the arashi stuffs and fangirl to the max xD
hmm something bothered me recently..
I'm just wondering why in Arashi the more they get older the more they look younger... hora... for Leader when he reached 30 looked younger... in Kaibutsu-kun who would think that Kaibutsu-kun and Franken are in the same age? and for Matsujun and Aiba.... they really look younger now!!! neh? 
then well back to the reality... I'm really heart broken now....
I saw a news about Nino saying that he already has a new girlfriend and it's nozomi sasaki... oh well all I can do is just support them. omedetamakin

that's all xD :))) it's kinda meaningless and disturbing but pls cope up with me xD yoroshiku



let's prove that Arashi is not only number one in Japan but also internationally     
that's why let's make ARASHI AS NUMBER ONE!!!! ^_^



TANJOUBI OMEDETOU SHO-kun!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ sho!! woohoo!! maniatta!!!! 15 minutes before 12 then.. Sho's tanjoubi will end ^_^

Aiba MAsaki Happy BIrthday POST

to the guy who is always full of surprises...
who can make us laugh without doing anything...
a natural AIRHEAD
to the guy who is very expert in ENGRISH
and very touchy baka xD
TANJOUBI OMEDETOu Aiba Masaki!!!!!

aishiteru!!! ^_^


WAH!!! TODAY IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE!!!! WAH!! KYo wa ARASHI NO Anniversary dazou! wah! Yatta!!! 5x11!!!! 


AISHITERU! AISHITERU! Anata tachi ga subarashi sugiru ^_^


 wah! it'salready Matsujun-sama no tanjoubi neh?
nanka Time passes really fast neh? it's like Matsujun's 26th birthday was just celebrated last yr at Kokuristu and now...  it's already his 27th.

I don'w whether I should rejoice or not xD but still it's his most special day and thanks to this day we were able to meet him and be inspired by him neh? dakara

Matsujun-sama TANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!!!!!!!!!

Just Drop in to say Hi !!

doumo , iea desu !!

just drop in to say to hazel ! :)

thank you for letting me to use this account !! >.<

and thank you for all the URL that you gave to me .. (^_~)

hha !!

maata nee ~

~* Ruka Ishikawa *~


VS arashi.. episode what???? tasukette!

tasukette kudasai.. hehe
dare ka! just wanna know what episode of Vs arashi it is... during falling pipes, Sho-chan was the pipe chooser then the oponent team was kind of fooling him... then Arashi members said to Sho-chan that he was just a guy who has sloppy shoulders... onegaishimasu!!!! tasukette kudasai! I really wanna watch this vid again...plssssss